DAY 63 / 63 OF SEASON 19
Rookie Ice Festival
  Pools 84 Fixtures & Results Stat Leaders HOF
Top Players In Goals
USA Hockey Mango 27
Germany Hockey Erich Kühnhackl 23
USA Hockey Blueberry 23
USA Hockey Jordan Enzo 19
USA Hockey Steve Ryznar 16
Russia Hockey 71. Malkin Malkinov "a" 16
USA Hockey Max Pacioretty 16
Canada Hockey Vincent Damphousse 14
USA Hockey Coconut 14
USA Hockey Banana 14
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Top Players In Points
USA Hockey Blueberry 32
USA Hockey Coconut 32
USA Hockey Mango 32
Germany Hockey Erich Kühnhackl 31
Canada Hockey Vincent Damphousse 27
USA Hockey Steve Ryznar 24
Canada Hockey Serge Savard 23
USA Hockey Lemon 22
USA Hockey Jordan Enzo 22
USA Hockey Max Pacioretty 22
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Top Players In Plus_minus
Wake Island Hockey Amazon Kitty 78
Canada Hockey Serge Savard 76
USA Hockey Mango 52
USA Hockey Apple 51
USA Hockey Strawberry 51
Canada Hockey Vincent Damphousse 50
Germany Hockey Erich Kühnhackl 50
USA Hockey Lemon 47
USA Hockey Blueberry 47
USA Hockey Kiwifruit 44
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Top Players In Shots_blocked
USA Hockey Cranberry 112
Mongolia Hockey 1. Munkhbold Bayarsaikhan 112
Germany Hockey Sprengfalle Kitty 111
Canada Hockey Robert Mayer 65
Latvia Hockey Karoglan Npc Dan 32
Czech Republic Hockey Keiran Horn 30
Latvia Hockey Charles Npc Ioan 27
Latvia Hockey Drinovac Npc Apollo 25
Latvia Hockey Natsuo Npc Nariaki 21
Latvia Hockey Karoglan Npc Dan 19
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Top Players In Assists
Canada Hockey Serge Savard 22
China Hockey 22. Wang Dahai 21
Wake Island Hockey Amazon Kitty 20
USA Hockey Lemon 19
USA Hockey Coconut 18
USA Hockey Strawberry 14
USA Hockey Apple 13
Canada Hockey Vincent Damphousse 13
Canada Hockey 51. Derrick Pouliot "a" 12
USA Hockey Pineapple 11
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tetrahydroc (154 posts)

rookie ice festival is mine:D

11 years ago by tetrahydroc (154) | Like | Comment | Open
Dragon (303 posts)

Second installment of the Pre-season Algo Test coming up.

I've updated the teams so post here and tell us what you like or don't like.

12 years ago by Dragon (303) | Like | Comment | Open
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