DAY 63 / 63 OF SEASON 19
Premier Cup
Top Players In Goals
USA Hockey Paul Shoudy 17
USA Hockey Hood Rich 16
Canada Hockey Shawn Michael Morton 13
Switzerland Hockey Tim Bozon 12
Canada Hockey Louis Leblanc 11
Latvia Hockey Miks Indrašis 10
Sweden Hockey Sebastian Collberg 10
Czech Republic Hockey Tomáš Hertl 9
Latvia Hockey Miķelis Rēdlihs 9
Vatican Hockey Paulus Vi 8
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Top Players In Points
USA Hockey Hood Rich 24
USA Hockey William Shoudy 22
USA Hockey Paul Shoudy 20
Canada Hockey Shawn Michael Morton 17
Canada Hockey Louis Leblanc 16
Sweden Hockey Oscar Klefbom 16
Sweden Hockey Sebastian Collberg 15
Switzerland Hockey Tim Bozon 15
Finland Hockey Teppo Numminen 14
Latvia Hockey Miks Indrašis 14
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Top Players In Plus_minus
Sweden Hockey Oscar Klefbom 43
Canada Hockey Tessa Bonhomme 41
USA Hockey Mike Slaughter 35
USA Hockey Billy Slaughter 35
USA Hockey Hood Rich 34
Finland Hockey Teppo Numminen 34
USA Hockey William Shoudy 34
USA Hockey Paul Shoudy 34
Finland Hockey Jyrki Lumme 32
Switzerland Hockey Tim Bozon 31
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Top Players In Shots_blocked
USA Hockey Pj Dyer 96
Finland Hockey Kari Lehtonen 66
Ukraine Hockey Alexandr Nesen 40
Australia Hockey Liam Mcintyre 33
Russia Hockey Vladislav Tretiak 33
Canada Hockey Michael Garnett 31
Germany Hockey Cale Npc Mostaric 31
USA Hockey Cale Npc Mostaric 20
Latvia Hockey Reinis Kraninsh 14
Canada Hockey Natsuo Npc Nariaki 13
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Top Players In Assists
USA Hockey William Shoudy 16
USA Hockey Mike Slaughter 12
Finland Hockey Teppo Numminen 12
Sweden Hockey Oscar Klefbom 12
Finland Hockey Jyrki Lumme 10
Canada Hockey Tessa Bonhomme 9
USA Hockey Hood Rich 8
USA Hockey Billy Slaughter 8
Canada Hockey Michael Bournival 7
Czech Republic Hockey Martin Reway 7
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Omnem (775 posts)

We`ve set up the cups :)

3 years ago by Omnem (775) | Like | Comment | Open
syckoson (849 posts)

Will one of my teams fail to reach the finals??? stay tuned

5 years ago by syckoson (849) | Like | Comment | Open
Omnem (775 posts)

Uu! An all syckoson final !

5 years ago by Omnem (775) | Like | Comment | Open
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