DAY 63 / 63 OF SEASON 19
Graal of the Great North
Top Players In Goals
Denmark Hockey Lars Eller 27
Canada Hockey Patrick Holland 26
Canada Hockey Adam Hughesman 24
Canada Hockey Brendan Gallagher 21
Finland Hockey Saku Koivu 20
USA Hockey Eric Cole 19
Finland Hockey Joonas Nattinen 18
Lithuania Hockey 73 - T. Jones 15
Canada Hockey Keith Robinson 14
Canada Hockey Kevin Oconnor 11
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Top Players In Points
Canada Hockey Adam Hughesman 49
Canada Hockey Patrick Holland 48
Russia Hockey Alexei Emelin 48
Canada Hockey Pernell Karl Subban 43
Denmark Hockey Lars Eller 38
Finland Hockey Saku Koivu 31
Canada Hockey Brendan Gallagher 26
Finland Hockey Joonas Nattinen 25
Canada Hockey Keith Robinson 24
USA Hockey Eric Cole 22
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Top Players In Plus_minus
Russia Hockey Alexei Emelin 122
Canada Hockey Pernell Karl Subban 122
Canada Hockey Patrick Holland 96
Canada Hockey Adam Hughesman 95
Denmark Hockey Lars Eller 64
Finland Hockey Saku Koivu 58
Canada Hockey Brendan Gallagher 52
Canada Hockey Nathan Beaulieu 41
Canada Hockey Kevin Jay 41
Russia Hockey Andrei Markov 35
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Top Players In Shots_blocked
Slovakia Hockey Jaroslav Halak 131
Lithuania Hockey 31 - H. Jones 108
Canada Hockey Carey Price 93
USA Hockey Mike Richter 87
Spain Hockey Vicenç Serra 76
Brazil Hockey Alvaro Cesar Ii 66
Sweden Hockey Henrik Lundqvist 62
Latvia Hockey Gerhards Burbulis 56
Lithuania Hockey Mighty Puck 52
USA Hockey Drinovac Npc Apollo 18
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Top Players In Assists
Russia Hockey Alexei Emelin 43
Canada Hockey Pernell Karl Subban 38
Canada Hockey Adam Hughesman 25
Canada Hockey Patrick Holland 22
Canada Hockey Kevin Jay 18
Canada Hockey Nathan Beaulieu 16
Canada Hockey D- Rob 12
Denmark Hockey Lars Eller 11
Finland Hockey Saku Koivu 11
Canada Hockey Keith Robinson 10
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springis (42 posts)

Im sorry. I`m new here.. I just dont get it.. What kind of teams do participate in this championship.? Because I dont get it - how can a new Rookie team play agains top premier team. ;D

6 years ago by springis (42) | Like | Comment | Open
Dragon (303 posts)

A little belated but congrats to the St. John's IceCaps for capturing the Gold in the top tournament in CP! :D

6 years ago by Dragon (303) | Like | Comment | Open
snipes103 (184 posts)

holy shit, my team won... sweet!

6 years ago by snipes103 (184) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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CHAosas (91 posts)

6 years ago by CHAosas (91) | Like | Comment | Open
CHAosas (91 posts)

also I see that today we played one more match against each otherhttp://www.cyberpuck.com/team.php?m=game&id=1218058 and which result choose for standings? interestingly - to you it is not ridiculous from such mistakes? And whether got all this? so many to spend every day time, eventually to see such nonsense and mockery!!!!!

6 years ago by CHAosas (91) | Like | Comment | Open
CHAosas (91 posts)

http://www.cyberpuck.com/team.php?m=match&id=1217858&q=3&s=pbp if to look "FULL PLAY-BY-PLAY" we won this match but why that the final result shows another. And the statistics of "The Legend" shows space... It seems to me that here all depends not on us and our players but only from one Simm CyberBug!!!!

6 years ago by CHAosas (91) | Like | Comment | Open
syckoson (850 posts)

dragon or omnem, can that game be resimmed to corredt the 500 goals? http://cyberpuck.com/team.php?m=game&id=1217826

6 years ago by syckoson (850) | Like | Comment | Open
syckoson (850 posts)

LOL Dragon or omnem take a look at this LOL http://cyberpuck.com/team.php?m=game&id=1217826

7 years ago by syckoson (850) | Unlike (1) | Comment | Open
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yellowman (6 posts)

I think we may have another problem. Tokyo Katanas was supposed to play Nordiques du Quebec on day 40 but it's not showing a score. Nordiques then advanced to the next round. The calendar for this though is showing Katanas as having been matched against CHAos™ Club and somehow having played a game against them on day 40 but then also notes DNP-coaches decision. Any idea what's going on?

7 years ago by yellowman (6) | Like | Comment | Open
8socc3r (9 posts)

Apparently, The Legend are good enough to have two slots in the knockout rounds...

7 years ago by 8socc3r (9) | Like | Comment | Open
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